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  "Does anyone want to go to the Horse Shows with me?" 


"Well then I will go by myself "  said the Little Red Hen

...and she did!

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LIL RED HEN QUARTER HORSES is located in the sunny hub of Washington State about 3 hrs east of Seattle and 2 hrs west of Spokane. 

My husband Willi and I own Superior Building Manufacturing Inc. ( for our real job.

 I raise Quarter Horses of the Halter variety. 

I have been raising horses for over 40 years and have finally reached the quality point I have been striving for all my life - am so proud of the horses I am raising! 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

We are expanding Superior Building Mfg Inc and I am having a time issue with the horses so all the horses are FOR SALE this summer!  Don't miss this great opportunity to pick up some great bloodlines for a reasonable price.

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